Sunday, April 09, 2006


Buddy has been listless and not eating much lately. Mark's been working a lot of hours during the week and both dogs don't normally eat as much when no one's home for some reason. But this kept on going on. And last night I noticed that his neck was swollen. I took him to the vet today and it seems that it's his lymph nodes in his neck that are swollen. And the vet found a swollen lymph node in a hind leg. So, she wants to do some blood work and cytology. But it looks like it may be some sort of lymphoma.

Why???? I hate that Buddy is suffering, but why does it have to probably be cancer? With everything my family has been through and is going through - why does it have to be cancer? I'm really trying not to borrow trouble and not think the worst - but it's really hard.


Meg said...

Oh Maggie! What a crappy weekend! I will think good thoughts for Buddy, he's such a cutie. Hang in there, friend.

Judyy said...

Maggie! I'm so sorry to hear about Buddy--poor guy. You're right--it's time for your family to catch a break. Like Meg, I'm sending out compassion and thinking good thoughts for Buddy--and for you! Keep us posted.

Judyy said...

Yo, Maggie! I'm just realizing how much we are sisters under the skin: both have no kids, but are devoted aunts, both have dogs who are truly part of our families, and now, from your comment on my blog, I've learned you're a cyclist, too! Woo-hoo! If you're ever in the Florida panhandle, look me up and we'll go for a ride together.

I hope your week is shaping up OK. Sorry again about poor Buddy.

Heather Watson said...

So to her about Buddy. How horrible. I hope it turns out not to be cancer.