Thursday, April 27, 2006

Enough Already!

I got the phone call on the way home. Nanny was in the ER with pneumonia and would I go by there and check on things - my mom called me, but said my aunt (dad's sister) asked for me. Since I live 5 minutes from the hospital, what could I say.

Anyway, when I got there, her color was bad and her O2 levels were all over the place. The doctors said there was definitely pnuemonia in the left lung and it sounded like it was in the right - by the time the 3rd doctor showed up, they were saying it was definitely pneumonia in both lungs.

And her kidneys are not putting out right now - whether it's because she had gotten so severely dehydrated, or they have shut down - we don't know yet.

So, now I have something else to worry about -


Judyy said...

Maggie--Hang in there--I'm sending out positive thoughts.

Meg said...

Oh Maggie. Enough is enough, you're right. We'll be thinking of you!

Bethy said...

Good thoughts coming to you.

Please keep us updated when you can.

---sharia--- said...

aww maggie!!!
I hate to be cliche Girlfriend, but you know things are always darkest before the dawn, the problem is we never know when the dawn is coming.

I am so sorry you're having such a back time of things here lately, but you know we're all in your corner doll.

Oh, i also wanted to let you know i reuploaded the Smoothie City kit to my blog, so grab grab grab lol.