Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Projects! Projects! Projects!

I basically finished my Mommy album project - at least the first pass. I gave it to Audrey this weekend. I don't think she really appreciated it, but I think she will in the future. We decided that Kathy would keep it at her house. The things that were important to Mary are slowly finding their way to Kathy's house.

I have several other scrapbooking projects to finish - I'm working on the Man in My Life challenge and need to work on pages for that. I need to finish the Kathy Mini-Album and start mine and Mom's. And I need to make a special page for Buddy - I want to use the Rainbow Bridge.

Then at work - tomorrow's the day for my big project. We go for final approval. Today was not a good day. I warned everyone was in a bad mood - that I had had 2 really bad days and not slept well, and it showed later. We started getting questions from one of our stakeholders and the answers that the programmers gave was not what we had previously agreed on - only thing is I was the one replying to the note, so it looked like it came from me - even though I didn't agree with the answer. We later had to requalify our answer and had to argue with the programmers as to what was in and out of the scope. All of this was taking away from finalizing our presentation (which was supposed to be finalized last Thursday, but we can never leave well enough alone - people think that it's fine to make changes at the last moment and that everything will just fall in place - oh yeah, all the copies had already been made, collated and bound).

Good luck to me tomorrow!!! And I pray that I don't kill someone in the meantime.


Meg said...

I'm so glad I'm not out in the work place these days. I always dreaded meetings like that. Why is it that the organized people end up looking like fools when the other slackers screw up?

Congrats on finishing the Mommy album. What an amazing treasure you've created!

Judyy said...

I feel your pain, Maggie. I used to work in a corporate setting where people had that same tendency to change things at the last minute--it's maddening! I hope things smooth out for you soon--sounds like you're overdue to catch a break.

Brava on finishing the special album--I think you're right--your niece will come to appreciate it more as she gets older.

Canay said...

Well, hope you are still here and haven't been taken off to jail for doing major harm to someone! LOL

Way to go working on so many albums and finishing. While holding a job no less!. You must be an amazingly organized person:)