Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why I Scrapbook

I started scrapping to make a birthday present for Mark's grandmother. The book is done - he hasn't given it to her yet. ptthhh on him.

I've continued and really tried to improve my scrapping skills for Audrey. I'm putting together the Mommy Album so that we can tell Audrey about her Mommy. Mommy wanted Audrey to know certain things about her, and I thought about writing letters - which I do occasionally, and my mom came up with the idea of a book. So, I try to include a page of journaling with most of my Mommy pages so that Audrey has the story behind the pictures.

In addition, now I've started branching out - again, Audrey will eventually be the beneficiary, but I'm trying to chronicle the rest of the family.

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Meg said...

Let me add my pffft to Mark, too! Get that book to his grandmother, you worked hard!

I'm glad you'll be working on pages of the rest of your family. I hope they're a little easier (emotionally) to do!