Monday, April 03, 2006

My Birthday This Year!

This year was the year of the non-present, except for those I got myself. I bought a 200-500mm telephoto lens for my camera, 4 tickets to the Rodeo to see Alan Jackson (and only used 2), and a flight to Washington, D.C. to see friends on the following weekend.

Mom told me to order that "slide thingy" - scanner with the capability to scan slides and use her cc number, only she hasn't given it to me. Mark and Kathy are still waiting for me to tell them what I want. In Kathy's words, something that I've always wanted. Hah!!! Don't they know I can't think under pressure?

Anyway, I thought we were going to miss the rodeo because Mark was working out of town and didn't get home on time. We missed the first little while of the rodeo, but saw most of the bronc riding, the calf roping, steer wrestling and the bull riding - oh, and don't forget the calf scramble - those poor kids! And Alan Jackson put on a great concert. I wasn't sure how Mark would like it since he's not a country fan, but he told me I picked a great concert to attend (of course it's the one that was actually on my birthday)!!!

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