Wednesday, October 14, 2015

San Antonio's Riverwalk Through the Lensbaby Sweet 50

I spent 5 days this month in San Antonio at Click Away 2015.  This was a photography conference put on by Clickin Moms photography forum.  One of the photowalks I took was exploring different types of creative focus, including the use of Lensbabies.

I have the Composer Pro with the Sweet 35 and Sweet 50 optics.  These optics give a circular area of focus radiating into a blut.  You can control the area of focus through tilting the lens and the aperture setting.

I've taken one class at Clickin Moms, led by Caroline Jensen.  And then I took this boutique session at Click Away.  I haven't completely gotten the hang of the Lensbaby yet so I've joined a monthly blog circle.  This is my first post for this circle.

Here are some of the photos that I took along the Riverwalk.

This is my first attempt with the macro tubes with the Lensbaby.

The star lights in the Marriott Rivercenter lobby.  I deliberately blew out the windows in the sky because I liked the reverse effect of light sky and darker stars.

Underneath the Commerce Street bridge at the Rivercenter.

Traffic jam, Riverwalk style

Enjoying the evening

Loved all the bright umbrellas along the Riverwalk

Gothic skyscraper

Aztec Theater

More bright umbrellas.

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