Monday, January 07, 2008

Eating Healthier in 2008

I'm slowly working my way back into Weight Watchers Online. This week I'm getting back into the habit of journaling.

And this isn't my first time at it. In 2003/2004, I lost 97 pounds. But life finally beat me down - in 2005 I suffered some major injuries and started my rounds of surgery. I used that as an excuse and put it almost all back on.

Last year, I played at weight loss - I would stay with it for a few weeks, and then I would fall off the wagon.This is going to be one of the habits that I want to cultivate in 2008 - not so much to lose weight (yes, that's a goal) but to be healthier. Putting this out there is part of my plan to develop the habit - adding to my accountability.

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Amy Eileen said...

We can keep in each other on track! Yell to me whenever you want to eat those treats!! :)