Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 Things Around My Computer

List 5 things around my computer - why are they important and what do they say about you?

1) Camera - I usually have one or the other cameras nearby as I'm offloading photos into my laptop. I have been trying to take more pics and improve my skills, and transferring them to the laptop is part of the process.

2) Card Reader - My 2 cameras have different size cards. The P&S uses an SD card and the DSLR uses the Flash Card II. My laptop can read SD cards directly, but not FC. So I have a card reader - but my card reader can read most any format, just in case I ever have a 3rd type of media - you never know. And I had to go buy a new card reader this week because I couldn't find my other one. And I could have gotten one that reads just FC, but no, I had to get one that reads all media. I couldn't believe how lost I felt when I couldn't see the pics I took of Avery. What does that say about me?

3) EHD - Actually I have 3 EHDs around my laptop - the 2 portable ones and the more permanent one. I need to find good homes for them all - they are just laying around the recliner. But they are (at least the one I'm currently using) are my lifeblood - they have most all of my digital pics and all of my layouts (I'm still missing a couple from the hard disk crash 2 years ago :( ). That may be one reason I have so many - but I need to get organized in how I use them for back up. I'm still trying to finish my online backup - then I can worry about on-site backup. Yes, I'm getting anal about it, but I have lost too many pics over the years (mostly the paper kind and that upsets me because at this point they are irreplaceable and chronicle so much of my adult life. I just wish I had been better about taking AND developing pics prior to digital). Notice a recurring theme here? It's about the pics and the memories they represent.

4) Lamp - I have a floor lamp by the recliner. I have to have good light to work. It's that age thing - if I have good light, in most cases, I don't need the cheaters - the reading glasses.

5) TV Remote - Hey, I have to have noise. I may not actually watch TV when I'm actively scrapping, but I have the background - and I do look up from time to time (most shows, that's all it takes). And having control of the remote means I get to watch what I want to, and don't all of a sudden have to put up with the channel surfing. Thank goodness for more than one TV in the house.

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