Sunday, January 13, 2008

Houston Marathon

Today was the Houston Marathon. I volunteered to work as a ham radio operator. This meant getting up at 3:30 to be downtown for check-in. Then work my way to my assignment at a water station. I was on station by 5:15 or so. Of course, the race didn't start until 7:00. But we were next to a coffee house that opened at 6:00. This meant we had restroom facilities and snacks, including hot chocolate.

I got some pictures of the elite half-marathoners as they came past. And I meant to take pics of the "masses", but I forgot. We were where we had runners/walkers going in both directions - north and south on Montrose. The half-marathoners turned around about a mile south of us.

I was done by 10:30 and came home for a nap.

But it got me thinking - do I want to attempt one more half? I know I can do the distance, if the knees let me.


Amy Eileen said...

DO IT!!! I think that is awesome Maggie!

Carolyn said...

Why not! Go Maggie!!!!

Marigold said...

Good words.