Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Color Do I Want To Be?

1. If you were a crayon, which color would you want to be? My favorite colors were Blue Green and Forest Green. So those are the colors I would want to be.
2. Which color do you think you would be regardless of what you wanted? I would probably end up being a neutral such as Flesh (now called Peach).
3. Would you rather be used and get blunt, broken and lose your wrapper, or not be used and stay pristine? I would want to be well-used, but taken care of. Since I'm going to be part of the 64 color set, I can be sharpened as needed and only peel off enough paper to fit in the sharpener.
4. Would you rather be in a small set of crayons or a large set? I want to be in the 64 color set - that was the largest set when I was growing up (they now have a 120 color set!?!?!?!) and it was considered the most special. We didn't get that one very often.
5. Would you rather be Crayola, or a different brand? Crayola, of course. It's the brand of crayons everyone knows.

I actually went on the web and found Crayola's website - There is all kinds of really cool and interesting stuff on the site. There's everything from coloring activities to the history of the Crayola colors, even the science of color.


Lori said...

Maggie, love your replies. I too went to Crayola Web site. Is a cool site.

Michelle said...

love your off to check out the crayola site...thanks for sharing!

samm said...

Maggie great replies and I am definietely a greens and blue person too.

loonyhiker said...

You are even creative in naming your colors! Thanks for the website too! It was great.