Monday, February 19, 2007

10 Things I Want (But Don't Need)

1. New glass for my camera - I have a 18-55 and 55-200, but I want a 18-200 or 18-250 so I don't have to swap lenses so much.

2. Right now - I want a piece of chocolate - definitely don't need it.

3. I want a CT position at DSAG - do I need it? I probably don't need it as I will commit to quite a bit of scrapping - but man, oh man, do I want it!!!!

4. I want more hours in the day - I don't necessarily need them if I could just learn to budget my time, but I sure do want them.

5. I want to lose 100 pounds - no, wait, I need to lose 100 pounds - I want to look good when I do so.

6. I want thinner arms - I don't necessarily need them, but it would be nice not to have bat wings and to make it easier to find shirts that fit.

7. I want a vacation - I don't really need one since I just had one in December, but I want to take another trip.

8. I want a maid - no, I guess that's I really need a maid since I'm too lazy to clean my house. But I would have to clean my house before I would let a maid in... what a choice - want or need.

9. I want a nap - I don't even really need a nap today. I just want one - then I wouldn't be at work (on a holiday for a lot of people).

10. Finally - I want a hamburger for lunch and no, I don't need it - but I want it!!!


Michelle said...

ooohhhh!!!! a maid! i didn't think of a maid! probably because in my house i AM the maid! LOL great list!

loonyhiker said...

If I had a magic wand, I would give you more hours in the day plus a maid! I have a maid every other week and I run around cleaning before she comes because I don't want her to think I'm a slob!

Laura said...

Thanks for the laugh. Love your list. Love how you said you wanted things and then said no don't really need it. Chocolate, hamburger now I'm hungry. Not to mention the house cleaning. Love how you said that you would have to clean up your house before letting the maid come in. Every time my mom comes by I'm frantically cleaning my house because she complains that it is always a mess. She should see it before she comes it's like she doesn't acknowledge the fact that I already cleaned! I too need more hours in a day.

glynis said...

Yep, Maggie, those are all great wants...I can hear you about chocolate and a hamburger :) But a maid is something I REALLY want!