Monday, February 12, 2007

Manic Monday

I really hate Mondays - it's not so much having to get up to go to work. But I end up staying up late on Sunday nights - I really mean to go to bed early but something always comes up. I'm playing on the computer or waiting for the late news. Then when I go to bed, I've been wanting to read for a little while.

Then that alarm goes off at 5:05. I hit the snooze and 7 minutes later it goes off again. By the second snooze alarm I have to get up - I usually have to go to the bathroom by that time anyway - after maneuvering the obstacle course formed by 8 dog legs. Yes, there are two dogs between the bed and the bathroom.

Shower and then to the laundry room to get clean clothes - OK, I don't do a good job of folding and put away my clothes after doing laundry, then back to the bedroom to get dressed. By now, the dogs have moved - one's usually up on the bed and if he's really good, he's left me a spot to sit. The other one waits until I sit down and then she sits right next to me - oh I love close supervision when getting dressed.

Playing with the dogs as I get dressed usually puts me behind schedule - so it's a quick hair brush, grab stuff out of the fridge for lunch and I'm out the door. And that's just the first 45 minutes or so after I wake up.


loonyhiker said...

My hubby always asks me why I don't set the alarm for later if I'm going to hit the snooze three times every morning before I finally get out of bed. I tell him that I wake up in stages!

glynis said...

Maggie, I can just see your dogs jumping around and making you late! But what a way to start the day!

Stephani said...

Maggie that is almost exactly my morning word for word. The only difference is I can't have pets in my apt. so now cute doggies here. I am glad not to feel so alone!

Tink said...

Oh I don't miss those days at all.