Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Belated Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

Yesterday was Mary's birthday and she would have been 40. I had to write the date several times yesterday and each time I was reminded. Happy Birthday, Mary!

I IM'ed David to ask if Audrey was aware of the date since Audrey was the one that insisted we have a party last year. Her response this year - Dead people don't have birthdays. Hah!!! Little does she know.

But on an even stranger note, David said that Sunday Audrey drew her mother's tombstone. Now, Mary was cremated and nothing has been done with her ashes. She doesn't have a tombstone. This led to another conversation. I asked David if he had thought about enshrining them at a cemetery. Mary's wish was to not have a grave or memorial, but it seems like that Audrey really needs a resting place for her Mommy. David thinks it would be more for the adults, but Audrey is the one drawing tombstones for her Mommy.

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