Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Scheduling Dance Has Started

Yes, I'm a "good daughter, Mildred" as my mother likes to quote an old Nyquil ad. I totally re-arranged my schedule last week so that I could take my mom for all of her tests on Friday. On Thursday when Mom wanted to know what I was doing as I was running from one appointment to another that had been re-scheduled from Friday, she asks do I want her to get someone else to take her... wtf? I'm on my last appointment that I have re-arranged and now she wants to know if I want her to find someone else.

Then this week - everyone thinks that I'm upset about losing my Friday night out with friends. It's not that - it's that I'm still trying to get my physical therapy in and work along with all the doctor visits. I'm trying to figure out how to arrange my week when I don't even know what her schedule is like yet. That's what's got me testy.

That and then she asks me since she can't go on her Alaska cruise, do I want to take her place - hell, I'm using my vacation on doctor's visits right now and she wants to know if I want to plan a 2-week vacation????

OK, vent over. I know I'm petty, I know she's going through the fight of her life, but I have to let it out somewhere - so here's where it goes!

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DEB said...

It's tough Maggie! Sorry that you're having to deal with this. Just remember -- that which does not kill us only makes us stronger. Hang in there!