Saturday, March 04, 2006

What Not to Say at a Funeral

I was remembering an incident that happened at my Dad's funeral in 2003 and thought I had better get it down on paper (so to speak):

At my dad's funeral, the minister begins reciting the 23rd Psalm. He gets to the verse "Surely goodness and mercy will follow..." and Mary leans over to Kathy and whispers, "Don't call me Shirley!" (line from Airport). The family pews were in an alcove to the front and side of the chapel and I'm at the far end of the front pew. The rest of the congreagation can't see my sisters - the evil ones, of course - but can see me with my shoulders heaving trying not to bust out laughing because by that time my mom is whispering "Don't make me have to separate you two!"

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