Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Look At Your Hands

Why Are You Grateful For Them?

I'm grateful for my hands because I use them for my job and for my creative outlets. I use my hands to work a computer at work. That would be difficult to do if I didn't have the use of my hands. I could still do my job, after all it's my knowledge that's the most important part of my job. But the job would be so much more difficult if I couldn't type on the computer or operate a mouse.

All of my creative outlets have involved my hands in some way - from operating the computer for my digiscrapping to holding a needle or crochet hook to do my needlework, knitting and crocheting to modeling railroad equipment or miniatures to working in my yard - all have involved my hands over the years.

But the biggest reason I'm grateful for my hands is the love I have been able to show through them - taking care of my Dad, holding my sister before she died and most importantly holding Audrey. I hope that she never tires of my touch. I know I will never tire of hers.

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Amy Eileen said...

Beautiful writing Maggie!