Saturday, October 20, 2007

Emotional Week

This has been such an emotional week. Some things I knew were going to affect me. Some hit me clear out of the blue.

I hosted an online chat Tuesday night for my digiscrapping friends - it was An Evening of Pink. I offered information on breast cancer and some scrapping challenges. I knew this was going to be a difficult evening, and I had been scrapping Mary plus wrote her story to share with the others. I think it was a successful evening - convinced one woman that she needed to get checked - she was in her 50's and never have had a mammogram.

But yesterday hit me clear out of the blue. I was coming through the north side of town and decided to stop at the cemetery to visit my daddy's grave. It hit me that I totally forgot to honor him on his death day - October 31. I remember Mary's but forgot his. So I was already feeling guilty and asking for his forgiveness when I get to his graveside. And I can't find it!!! The footstone was completely overgrown with grass. I know that his grave is kind of by itself and so I go to the gravestone I see by itself and it's not Daddy's. I look around and finally see this depression in the grass. By this time I'm in tears. I don't have any tools with me, but I pull the grass away with my hands and sweep the footstone with my bare hands. It's not completely clean, but at least now it can be seen. I did go to the cemetery office and have a talk with them about it. This is supposed to be a perpetual care cemetery and for the grass to have completely overgrown it, it hadn't been touched in a while.

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