Monday, May 08, 2006

Music Tastes

I never was a heavy metal rock fan - but I love anything by Boston, some Queen and a little Styx. I love 50's, most 60's. I grew up with Big Band and I love it. But mostly what I listen to is Country. I started listening to Country in the early 80's because I didn't like rock too much. I have really come to appreciate it - although a lot of Country these days is too much crossover.

I like classical music, but not opera. Being in band all those years gave me an appreciation for the great composers.

And I like a lot of folk music - from all countries.


glynis said...

Great tastes in music, Maggie.

Meg said...

Wow! Your taste is actually very eclectic, I love it!

heather said...

I'm not an opera fan either. I think when you learn music, you do develop some appreciation for it, like you said :)

Stacey said...

I love Queen & Boston. I played them both to the boys in utero, when others played Mozart. :)