Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Colors, Colors, Colors

What are my favorite colors - I guess that depends on what we are talking about.

For clothing, I love the deep jewel tones and bright colors with cool undertones. I have yellowish skin, so anything golden yellow or yellow green makes me look sick. Most oranges do the same. And I really don't like brown that much. If I'm going to wear yellow, it has to be a cool lemony yellow. I can wear bright green, but the teals look much better. I like to wear a lot of red and black - although as I get older, they don't look as good as they used to.

In my house, I used to have a lot of blues and pinks, including mauves. But gradually I'm moving to more of greens - sage-y type greens especially. My bedroom has hunter green with maroon and navy and the pale sage sheets work well. I'm thinking of painting the walls in my kitchen a really pale sage green to pull out the green tones in my granite counter tops. It will also go well with my cabinets which are a eucalyptus-type of wood that's similar in color to cherry.

And in my yard, I tend to go more with the pastels - pinks and yellows especially.

I'm not a big fan of beige and tan. To me, those are really depressing colors - maybe because they are so blah? Anyway, I can use them in conjunction with other colors. For instance, my blog colors are currently blues and sand. The sand color is just enough with the blues to not be blech.


glynis said...

Great colors, Maggie!

Meg said...

"The sand color is just enough with the blues to not be blech."

LOL, love this sentence! Your house sounds gorgeous, I love your color choices!

heather said...

Oh, I love that sage green colour too !

Stacey said...

Your home sounds like it beautiful!