Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blog Challenge - Humanizing a Nonhuman

When I was taking Shooting 101, the Best Darn Beginner's Course Ever, from ClickinMoms, I needed a subject for my class assignments.  I don't have kids, the dogs don't always follow directions and Mark just gives me that look.

I have a plastic, pose-able giraffe that I got from a vendor at work.  I've named the giraffe George and my Facebook support group loves when he makes an appearance.  Well, George has made a couple of appearances this month.

George, admiring himself in the mirror

Then this past weekend, George went with me on the ClickinWalk photowalk.

But I just can't trust George to behave himself.  This was at dinner after the photowalk.

What's a person to do? (sigh)

If you have enjoyed seeing George, check out to see what Janecke has up her sleeve.


Deirdre said...

Thanks for sharing George with us, Maggie! I can relate to his "wine dive":) This month was quite the challenge!

Paola said...

Love the idea!!!! Paola

Janecke Santoro said...

I love George! I think I might have to copy the wine dive after the day I've had... ;-)

Andrea Ryerson said...

What a great idea! I love George!