Monday, September 02, 2013

Monthly Blog Circle - Motion Blur

This month's blog circle theme is motion blur.  If it was in October, it would be easy - shooting airplanes taking off and landing at the airshow.  But I'm posting something just a little slower - actually 2 posts.  I took one in July but I figured it was close enough to count and the other I really did take in August.

In July, my mother and I took the Agawa Canyon excursion train ride in Ontario.  It leaves out from Sault Ste Marie, ON and travels into the rugged Ontario backcountry.  We saw some really beautiful scenery.  And as I was trying to take photos from the moving train, I would wait until we didn't have trees close to the track to blur in the photos.  Then I got to thinking what would it look like to try and capture the blurring trains.   Well, I had a bunch of outtakes but this one I really kind of liked.

In August, we took the ferry across to Bolivar Peninsula.  A flight of pelicans flew across along side the ferry.  This is actually a crop of the photo I originally shot, isolating one of three pelicans.  And you can see that I was actually panning to take the shot.  It's not much of a blur because of the pelican's speed in relation to the ferry - but it works.

I hope you enjoy.  And for more motion blur, please visit Andrea's site.


Andrea Ryerson said...

I love the blurring of the trees! It looks so surreal!

Janecke Santoro said...

Maggie, your train shot brings back great memories from riding the train as a kid. Awesome!

Deirdre said...

The train was such a smart idea. Thanks for sharing these!