Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've gone over 6 weeks without blogging! Bad Maggie! Well, I do have a couple of excuses, whether they are good or not, well that's a whole other story! I'm still without my laptop and it's been almost 8 since my laptop went into the shop. And then we've had internet problems. It's gotten so bad that dial-up looks good right now - yeah, it's really that slow!

And I went out of town last weekend. Mom's birthday was yesterday and Audrey started school Monday, so I wanted to see them. Audrey is looking so grown up sometimes. I took this pic of her while we were at the airport waiting to pick up Mom. Turns out, Mom had to go to Houston last week for some dental appointments and ended up coming home almost 9 hours after I got there. So Audrey and I spent the afternoon together, went to dinner, bought school supplies, then picked up Mom at the airport.