Monday, March 12, 2007

My Wild and Crazy Weekend

I took a photography workshop this weekend in Seabrook. I had such high hopes, and my photos ended up being just so-so. I was probably the rankest amateur in the class and I was somewhat intimidated by all the great photographers and all their great equipment.

Back to Photography 101 for me, I guess. I really need to be able to do correct exposures without depending on the camera, but I get lazy and then confused. I did try some autobracketing, but I think I may have set the brackets too wide. I was using +/- 1 F stop and probably should have used +/- 2/3 instead.

And my compositions for the most part stunk!!! I may be able to salvage some photos with some cropping and cleaning up.

I did try shooting in RAW this weekend as well. Now, I need to figure out my Photoshop workflow for "developing" the photos. One of the photographers was showing me the Canon RAW converter, but I have to see if I can find my disk. Otherwise I will need to use the Adobe Camera RAW that comes with PSCS2 - and heaven only knows how bad I am in PSCS2 right now.

The kicker for the weekend. Saturday morning we were shooting pelicans through the fog and trying to get the sunrise. Well, I let my filter get fogged up as well. I don't know if I will be able to clean that out. And while standing out in this field, I was eaten up by some sort of biting gnat or other tiny insect - not mosquitos. Yesterday things weren't too bad - I just had red welts on my arm and neck. This morning they started itching. The itching is about to drive me crazy. I've broken open a couple of the welts and will have sores. I tried lotion this morning, but it didn't really help. I will have to stop for some cortisone cream on the way home tonight. In the meantime - AGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Stephani said...

Oh Maggie don't worry! I am just amazed that you took the class. I would be scared to death! lol! You did it and you obviously learned something. I have know idea what you were talking about so you are a couple of steps way above me. Keep up the great work you will get it!!!

Those tiny bugs sound like chiggers! They itch so bad. Sorry you had to have that part of the adventure. Definetly pick up some non itch ointment that should at least help a little!

glynis said...

It's a lot of work learning all of that..and then to get eaten up too...AAAAAHHH is right!

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...
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