Monday, January 30, 2006

Mom Has Cancer

I've posted on my other blog, about my mom. She has cancer - breast cancer - and it's in the lymph system. We spent the day at MD Anderson last week where she had an exam, mammogram, and ultrasound with fine needle biopsy. Because the lymph node was positive, they want to look for metastatic lesions by doing a chest x-ray, liver scan and bone scan. This will be done 2/10. Then she will see the oncologist and start chemo before any surgery.

Also, as part of this and because of Mary's cancer, we will all go through genetic counseling. Kathy has been diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia so she is already at risk of developing breast cancer. I may be as well and that's what the genetic counseling will tell us. And if need be, we will get David to have Audrey tested as well.

I'm scared and I'm angry!!!! Why is our family having to go through this one more time? Haven't we been through enough???? I know that God doesn't plan for our suffering, and that He is with us, but it feels like we have been thrown overboard without a life preserver. I'm treading water and wondering if I'm going under or not!

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