Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At Last - A way to organize my projects

If nothing else, I can use this spot to list and organize my thoughts on my scrapbook projects.

Powerscrapping Challenge
  1. I need to review my choices for my kits for my 10 projects. I was in a hurry last night when I did that.
  2. Create titles for all 10 projects and see if there is any Word Art that is appropriate.
  3. Download the kits for the Cancer page.
  4. Begin building the files for each page.

DSU 295

  1. Hope Stacey doesn't read how far behind I am.
  2. Create my voices layout
  3. Figure out how I'm going to handle the interview page so that I can pare down my uncle's interview and create the black and white journal page.
  4. Pick out fonts for all 6 projects.
  5. Create folders for all 6 projects - just like powerscrapping.
  6. Choose final photos
  7. Shoot some more pictures of Buddy.
  8. Pick out kits.

February 2005 Layout Challenge

  1. Settle on final photos
  2. Pick out kit
  3. Create layout by Sunday.

DET Boot Camp 8th Challenge

  1. Download freebie
  2. Decide if I'm really going to do this challenge.
  3. Decide on photos.
  4. Complete layout by 1/23.

I think I'm overextended. Why do I do this to myself?

1 comment:

Stacey Jewell Stahl said...

Maggie, I am just fine that you are going at your own pace with your homework - these are your stories to tell! I think this blog is an excellent idea. WTG