Thursday, May 02, 2013

Monthly Photography Challenge - Looking Through the Glass

The monthly challenge for May was "Looking Through the Glass".  I hoped to get 5 images this month but got 3.  Hey, it's 2 more than last month.

For my first photo, I shot through the windshield on a rainy morning after I pulled into the parking lot at work.  I thought the lights through the rain drops looked really neat.

The next one was my old man dog, Oscar, through the side view mirror.  I was out looking for Texas Bluebonnets and driving down this country road when I happened to glance in the mirror and saw Oscar thoroughly enjoying the spring day.  I had the towing mirrors on because I was camping in my trailer this weekend.

The final picture this month was taken while camping this past weekend (it's been great camping weather this month!!!) and took a photo of my favorite subject, George the Giraffe.  He's my favorite because he usually stays still while I take his photo, always has a smile and doesn't talk back!

All photos this month are straight out of the camera.

I hope you enjoyed these.  And for more fantastic "through the glass" photos, check out Heidi's blog.


ZuHuda Photography said...

Love the photo of the dog and the rainy window as well, all of them really! Good job Maggie xx

Deirdre said...

Great shots, Maggie! I love your dog enjoying the spring air:)

Anonymous said...

Great job! Loved your interpretation!

Heidi Howard said...

very neat! Love the dog picture =)

Tabitha Safdi said...

Awesome! The doggie shot was so cool!

Andrea Ryerson said...

Great shots! I love the photo of Oscar too!