Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fallen Heroes

Easter Sunday, two Houston firefighters lost their lives battling a house fire. One was a 30 year veteran, a captain. The other was a brand new rookie, battling his first fire.

Their public memorial services were this morning at a church very near me. I pass it on my way to work every morning. The service was at 10:00, but at 6:30 the area was already very congested as firefighters from all over the city and state (maybe even from out of state - it's not unheard of) began gathering. I was lucky to get through before they closed the roads.

They marched from a fire station about a mile away from the church, processing as one blue line to honor their fallen comrades. The pictures are an amazing testament to the strength of the bond and fellowship that firefighters feel for one another:

I was a volunteer firefighter for one of the plants I worked at for 9 years. I could not do what municipal firefighters do every day - put their lives on the line by entering burning structures. I fought industrial fires out in the open. I found out during fire training that I am claustrophobic and entering a smoke filled, dark structure with full gear on totally freaks me out. To those that serve in this capacity, I salute you.

Rest in peace, Capt. James Harlow and Damion Hobbs.

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Amy Eileen said...

Wow Maggie. What a tragedy. :( They put their lives on the line every day for complete strangers. They are some of the true heroes of this world. I never knew that about you!!! What an exciting time it must have been.

PS, I tagged you on my blog. Come on over and play the game! :)