Friday, August 31, 2007

4 Years Ago

Four years ago my dad passed away. He died of complications of renal cell carcinoma - kidney cancer. He was also a lymphoma survivor and a brain stem stroke survivor - although the stroke may have been caused by the renal cancer.

Daddy was a big influence in my life. He and I were a lot alike in many ways as well. In fact, I tend to think I favor my dad the most in looks, although I have had people tell me that I look like Mom.

I'm the oldest of three girls. Since Daddy didn't have a son, he passed on some of his "loves" to his daughters. He wasn't a big sports fan or into cars or hunting or things like that. But he loved airplanes and would take us to the airport to watch the planes come in when we were little. I love being around airplanes, especiall WWII Warbirds - another love that Daddy and I shared.

We learned to sail at the same time. And when he was ready to sell the boat, I took it on for another couple of years. It was "our" boat.

We both were interested in trains. I got my first model train set before I was a year old. OK, I think Daddy did want a boy. But he didnt' let the fact that I was a girl stop from sharing his loves with me.

Daddy was a HAM radio operator. And he encouraged me to study for my license, which was pretty unusual in the early 70's. But I just couldn't get the hang of Morse code. I could handle the electronics and the technical stuff - again I was like Daddy in that regard. So after he died, I studied and got my license and now I have his call sign - WA5RSU.

Daddy encouraged us to do what ever we wanted. I was strong in math and science - like him. I might have become an engineer, but I really liked the science of chemistry. Of course, after I graduated and saw how much more engineers made, I wished I had been like him a little more :)

Daddy and I got along really great after I was grown. I used to travel with he and my mom. Mom said that Daddy and I ganged up on her. Don't know what she's talking about... heheehee.

So, I guess you could say I'm a chip off the old block!!! (even though I'm a girl)


rlma (Rachel) said...

This is very touching, Maggie. I really enjoyed reading aout your Dad - he sounds like he was a wonderful man!

alex said...
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